Amulya IT-Blade Server Support

Amulya IT’s Blade Frames Support division offers world class services to Enterprise customers’ world wide. Global Businesses are now provisioning the systems and allocating resources to manage their core business applications. Blade Frame, hardware provisioned by major players and powered by PAN Managers, has now turned out to be a unified computing methodology.

Amulya IT has broad expertise on handling prime Enterprise clients and plays a vital role supporting their mission critical global support operations. Amulya IT currently manages businesses spread across major continents and handles trillions worth of data. Support is offered through Phones and Emails mainly.

Amulya IT focuses on the key technologies:

  • Blade Frames
  • PAN – Processor Area Network
  • SAN – Storage Area Network

Amulya IT deploys highly skilled and experienced engineers to serve the end-to-end need of the clients. Amulya IT is well versed on Collaborative Process approach, working with various operational teams and onsite engineers distributed globally.

Amulya IT Engineers would work closely with giant enterprises and help resolve the mission critical technical issues. Amulya IT offers high level solution to the Blade Frames hardware and the PAN software implemented to establish a robust infrastructure virtualization solution. Amulya IT has an established pool of engineers working 24/7/365 basis to maintain 101% uptime.

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